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TV interviews with Dr. Dorothy Marcic about her show RESPECT: The Musical and her book, RESPECT: Women and Popular Music, about the evolution of women in Top-40 music from co-dependent to independent, from Someone to Watch Over Me to I Will Survive

Before the musical, there was the book. Interviewers discuss the evolution of RESPECT with Dorothy Marcic.


Scenes from RESPECT - Minneapolis


Respect - Sample Music




KEZ Radio Interview (Phoenix) with Dorothy Marcic

"WHAT" AM Radio (Philadelphia) Interview with Cheryl Williams

Australian Interview with Richard Fidler

NPR Interview with Dr. Marcic

Boston Radio Interview WODS-FM


Songs in RESPECT


1. Bill Bailey Won’t You Please Come Home - (Public Domain)  
2. Intro to RESPECT  
3. Someone To Watch Over Me- (Gershwin/Gershwin)  
4. Hard-hearted Hannah - (Bates/Yellen/Ager/Bigelow)  
5. I Wanna Be Loved By You - (Kalmar/Ruby/Stothart)
6. If I Knew You Were Comin I’da Baked a Cake - (Hoffman/Merrill/Watts)
7. I Enjoy Being a Girl- (Rodgers/Hammerstein II)  
8. Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend - (Robin/Styne)
9. As Long As He Needs Me- (Bart)  
10. Whatever Lola Wants - (Adler/Ross)  
11. End of the World medley
  •Where the Boys Are - (Sedaka/Greenfield)  
  •End of the World - (Dee/Kent)  
  •I Will Follow Him- (Altman/Gimbel/Plante/Stole/Roma)  
  •Bobby’s Girl - (Klein/Hoffman)  
  •Johnny Get Angry- (Edwards/David)  
12. Where is the love medley
  •Where is the Love - (MacDonald/Salter)  
  •I’m Gonna Make You Love Me - (Gamble/Ross/Williams)  
  •Born a Woman - (Sharp)  
  •Bewitched - (Hart/Rodgers)  
  •My Man - (Yvain/Willemetz/Charles/Pollack)  
13. Where is the Love Medley, Part II  
  •Hurting Each Other - (Geld/Udell)  

•Piece Of My Heart - (Berns/Ragovoy)

14. It Must Be Him Medley  
  It Must Be Him - (Becaud/David)  
  Stand By Your Man - (Wynette/Sherrill)  
15. These Boots are Made For Walkin' - (Greenwood)
16. I Am Woman- (Reddy/ Burton) Published by Universal Music  
17. I Will Survive - (Fekaris/Perren)
18. At Seventeen - (Ian)  
19. Hero Medley  
  •The Greatest Love of All - (Masser/Creed)  
  •Hero - (Carey, Afanasieff)  
  •Never Been to Me - (Miller/Kirsch)  
20. •In My Daughter's Eyes - (Slater) solo by Katie Angell  
21. Video - (Arie/Harrison/Broady/Sanders)