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Gem Theatre Recognizes four Remarkable Women

Respect: A Musical Journey of Women is the story of women told through popular music. Over the past 100 years, women have come a long way – from the codependence of “Someone To Watch Over Me” to the strength and confidence of “I Will Survive!” This show is a testimony to the ability of women to rise above hardships and inequality to achieve great and remarkable things.

We received many nominations for our Remarkable Women program from all over the state of Michigan and even Ontario. The stories you told of your mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and wives touched all of us at the Gem. It was difficult to limit our awards to the four women who’s stories we chose as most remarkable.

We hope you take a moment to read the remarkable stories many of you shared.

Each of our four selected Remarkable Women received a gift package including a dinner & show package at the Century Grille and the Gem & Century Theatres, a Respect Gift bag, a gift certificate to Om Spa in Dearborn, and a tea package from Chartreuse Ltd.


Congratulations to our Remarkable Women

Ann Adams of Royal Oak, MI

Dr. Gail Armstrong-Hall of Troy, MI

Kathleen Bridge of Detroit, MI

Chris Wilczynski of Chelsea, MI

View all of the Nominations